Saturday night I went to your concert in Sydney. To be honest, I hadn’t been what you would call a big fan. I mean, I knew your “famous” songs and loved them, but I hadn’t gone much further than that. I was at your concert because somebody else pulled out. It was a last minute thing and I thank the Universe for putting me there, because you gave me an incredible message that I needed to hear.

I have always said “when I’m successful, I want to stay exactly who I am now without changing”. However that has always seemed idealistic as I haven’t experienced or seen a suitable role model who embodied that. Until I met you on Saturday night.

I say “met you” because even thought I was just one of 95,000 people and you’ll never know me or see this blog, you spoke directly to me. You showed me that it is truly possible to be successful and still be yourself.

From start to finish you were humble, casual, friendly, honest and down to earth. You started with “Hi, I’m Adele” like you were a newbie at a networking function. You swore, your burped, you were kind and most of all you were grateful that we were there.

You understand that the little things count. As I collected bits of confetti that were falling from the sky, I noticed that each of them had a hand written message on them. OMG!!! Amazing and such a well thought out gesture.

I watched you closely as you left the stage and walked through the crowd and I saw you start to cry (just as I was) and I realised that you get it too. That you are still humble and amazed that this is your life, that 95,000 people coming to see you feels so unreal and that’s what I loved about you.

You have inspired me to keep striving for my success knowing that whatever comes, I can always be me. Nobody has ever been able to demonstrate that to me. The thing I want most is to not change and you, proved it’s possible.

So thank you for being you. Thank you for being real. Thank you for inspiring me. It was truly a gift to be there on Saturday night and watch you perform. Totally amazing. Thank you !!!!!