Lovely to have met you at the Reflexology Association meeting.

Are you ready to achieve your dreams of success?

Every entrepreneur has dreams… we wouldn’t be entrepreneurs if we couldn’t see a vision or didn’t have a goal of what we wanted to achieve.

But sometimes it’s difficult to break those dreams down into tangible action steps or know where to even start? And those ideas, they just keep coming and coming and getting bigger and bigger and then the overwhelm sets in.

Sound familiar?

Great cause that’s where my speciality lies.

With a background in virtual assistance and 11 years small business experience, I’m a planner, processor, break down ideas into tangible steps type girl, and I love it!!!

I am able to help you to:

  • Get all your ideas out of your head
  • Decide on which ideas are going to work for you and your business
  • Create action plans to help you achieve your goals

Your action plans will help you to:

  • Decide on which resources you need
  • Make decisions on which technology you are going to use
  • Keep you accountable, focussed and out of overwhelm in your business

Best of all… it will keep you moving forward and achieving your dreams…

whatever they may be

Your own chef…



So how does it work?

To get the ball rolling… we will always start with a 1 ½  hour Clarity Session. This gives us enough time to get to know each other, to really get a grasp of your ideas, dreams and visions for your business and create a rough outline of how to get there.

And because I met you at the Reflexology Association meeting, if you book in for a clarity session prior to 31st December, you’ll receive $50 off the normal $330 session price.

Once that initial clarity session has taken place, you’ll know whether you want to continue working with me and then we decide how often and how much you want me involved in your business.


Nikki White – spiritual business mentor

As soon as I receive your notification that you’d like a clarity session, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule in a convenient time for us to meet.

I’m really looking forward to supporting you.


Social Media Statstics

During my talk, I showed this Social Media InfoGraphic created by Servant of Chaos.

It has a stack of great information on it but it was too hard to see it all on the screen. So if you’d like to print out your very own copy of this infographic, you can follow this link to the high resolution version of the graphic.