How can we get rid of our fear in business?

Nikki White ThetaHealing for business

Well… I do it by using a technique called ThetaHealing®. I am a certified ThetaHealing Practitioner and Instructor.

I travelled to Japan to study under Hiro Miyazaki and learnt specifically how to use the ThetaHealing technique to clear fears (beliefs) in business.

Working with 100’s of small business owners and seeing fear arise time and time again, I have collated a list of commonly held beliefs that stop people from succeeding, which I work through with my clients regularly.

By using the ThetaHealing technique to help my clients overcome their fears, we have seen some really amazing results.

You can read more about ThetaHealing here.

So, if you’re sick of your fear running your business
and stopping you from achieving your dreams,
why not book in for a one-on-one healing with me?

They are $165 AUD for an hour.

Send me a message via the Contact Page

and we’ll arrange to a time that’s convenient for us both to do the healing.

Nikki White ThetaHealing for business