So here I was sitting in my office today suffering from the autumn blues (a term I just made up) and I thought I would create a little video for my newsletter list to see if perhaps they were in the same situation as me… feeling, well… just… blah?

And you know what I realised creating this video, that I just needed to share. You can actually see my energy shift from the beginning of the video to the end. That by sharing with them, I realised that I wanted to start autumn empowered and motivated. I realised that I could shift my blah-ness and feel better.

Then that lead me to the next step. I wanted to create a place where sharing is allowed.

So I created The Heart Of Facebook Group. But it’s not for everyone…

It’s a safe group where you can share whatever your heart desires you to share… be it about business or life. This can include your fears, your passions, your good days, your bad days. This is space where you can say what you want to say without being judged and just receive support and love.

Sometimes just the act of sharing can shift something and the world looks brighter again.

If this resonates with you, and you’d like to join this group, then come on over as I’d love for it to bring you love, enlightenment, joy and support.

See you there.