Over January we took off for 10 days of camping with no phone reception or internet. It was so interesting to observe my behaviour during that time in relation to Facebook.

On arrival at our campsite, after setting up our tent and getting organised, we sat down to enjoy our first beer of the holiday and as we glanced out over this most incredible view (see photo) I was conscious that in my mind, I was trying to construct the perfect post for Facebook to accompany the photo taken.

I was thinking over what could I say to sound funny, relaxed, witty, something that would get heaps of comments and make people jealous of our location. Then the realisation came that there would be no post (no internet) and I was amazed at the relief that washed over me, as I gave myself permission to just BE in that moment; to sit with my man, to enjoy his company, to bask in the atmosphere and to watch one of the most magnificent sunsets we have seen.

Over the next couple of days this same process continued; a fabulous moment followed immediately by the thought of “what should I say when I post this on Facebook”. Each time this occurred, I reminded myself that in fact I didn’t have to (and couldn’t) post… and RELIEF!!!!

As the days progressed, I realised that I had weaned myself off Facebook. That in fact I had detoxed from Facebook and I felt so free, so relaxed and so unencumbered. It was liberating!!

This detoxing really made me question how much importance we all place on Facebook, about keeping everyone informed about what we are doing, about watching and commenting on what others are doing, about casting our opinions into other’s lives, approving or disapproving their actions, their voice, their thoughts. And I realised, I don’t want to be tied down to that anymore. I realised that when I came to Facebook each time I logged in, I had feelings of “have to”, “should” comment or like a post because it’s so and so’s post. That in fact each time I logged in and someone had done something amazing, been to some remote holiday destination etc, I would leave Facebook feeling a little blah. And I’m sick of doing that.

I’d love to go back to the old days when I was totally ignorant about what my acquaintances were doing, but knew what my REAL friends were doing as we’d chat on the phone. The problem is… Facebook has become so much a part of business these days, that I’m scared if I turn the whole thing off, I might hinder my business.

So here I am in a total dilemma. Do I stand my ground and continue to enjoy each and every moment of my life without having to report into Facebook or do I fall off the sober wagon and jump back into it, so once again I’m feeling the pressure.

Or maybe there is a third option, that I’m rather keen to explore… I wonder if I can avoid my newsfeed, not post on my personal page but still use Facebook as a business tool by visiting and managing my groups and business pages?

This is what I’m going to try.

How are you feeling about Facebook? Does this resonate with you? Has Facebook taken over your life so you don’t feel like you can enjoy your moments? Have you forgot to enjoy your moments because you’re too busy recording them to show others? I’d love to know your views…

February 2017 Update

So for the past 6 weeks I have stopped regularly checking and visiting my newsfeed (I think in total I’ve glanced at it about 3 times) and it feels amazing!!!!

I feel so light and free. I feel more confident in my day to day world; without judging myself against other people on Facebook. I have no idea what is happening in people’s live and I love it. I don’t feel nearly has much pressure to “have to” or “should”. I have so much more time to read and do other things I used to love doing. I’m just generally happier, I have more energy and I’m really enjoying not being tied to Facebook.

I have been accessing my business pages and business groups via the apps on my phone and this has been working wonderfully. To be honest, I think I’m converted.

How are you going? Did you give it a try?