So there was a few days of email exchanges, which resulted in the eventual outcome of ceasing to work together. During this period I remained stressed, upset, unable to eat and it wasn’t until the last email was sent was I have to commence my recovery process.

I think this is probably one of the most important components for each of us to be aware of, after we’ve gone through an unpleasant situation, is the recovery.

It’s taken me a whole week to recover. Fortunately for me, I had already booked a trip away (to visit the Canberra Hub and spend time with another client) so I was able to escape my day-to-day routine and spend a heap of time in the car; thinking, healing, recovering, resting.

I have also made sure to get out into nature as much as I can, as this is my healing place. And I’ve had extra help in the form of Tribe of the Tree’s Baggage Buster. This is one of their flower essence mists that “helps clear old, unwanted energy and bring focus and clarity.” This is an amazing spray that has helped me immensely during this whole process.

If you don’t have the chance to get away after you’ve been in a tough situation, here are some things you can do, to help your recovery:

  • Walk in nature
  • Have a bath
  • Use white sage to clear the energy around the situation (or even the room you’ve been in when it happened)
  • Rest
  • Read inspirational / motivational / self help books
  • Sleep more than normal
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Treat yourself to yummy foods you normally wouldn’t eat

And most of all… give yourself time to heal. Everyone’s healing rate is different. So make sure you continually check in with yourself to see how you are feeling about the situation. When you can look back on it without emotion and without feeling drained and best of all you can see excitement and new opportunities on the horizon, you know you’ve recovered.

Then the fun part begins… now it’s time to acknowledge your greatness. To acknowledge your confidence in standing up for what you believe in, for speaking your truth, for trusting your intuition, for trusting the inner you and most of all congratulating yourself for doing something for your greater good, even though it was scary, tough, heartbreaking etc.

Yay for you (and me). Let’s get this party started…. I’m totally ready!!!!