Welcome to my personal blog

This isn’t a business blog. I don’t think you’d even consider this a “proper” blog as it doesn’t follow the “rules”…

The posts aren’t consistently published (only when I have something to say that’s relevant and meaningful). They aren’t full of great keywords to help you find me on Google nor are they blogs demonstrating to you that I know how to run a business.

If that’s what you are looking for, please visit my business blog on the My Wellness Business site.

The below posts are my thoughts, ideas, experiences and ramblings. Everything I share, I share because I was guided to, because I was told that by sharing I would help someone, somewhere at sometime. So if that someone is you… I trust and believe that if you are here reading these posts, then the message you receive will be just right for you at the right time.



Facebook is…

Facebook is... Escapism for those who are unhappy. Connection for those that are alone.  Marketing for those in small business.  Exhibitionism for those who show off. Excitement for those who are bystanders. Information for those who are spies. Notoriety for those who are famous. Time wasting for those who are [...]

Why I dislike conflict and confrontation – Part 2

So there was a few days of email exchanges, which resulted in the eventual outcome of ceasing to work together. During this period I remained stressed, upset, unable to eat and it wasn’t until the last email was sent was I have to commence my recovery process. […]

Why I dislike conflict and confrontation – Part 1

For the past few weeks I’ve been working with someone who wasn’t the person I thought they would be. In fact, behind the scenes they are totally contradictory to their public persona. For me this has been a real struggle. Firstly because one of my biggest values is authenticity but secondly because I can’t stand conflict and confrontation. Here’s why… […]

A Thank You Message for Adele

Saturday night I went to your concert in Sydney. To be honest, I hadn’t been what you would call a big fan. I mean, I knew your “famous” songs and loved them, but I hadn’t gone much further than that. I was at your concert because somebody else pulled out. It was a last minute thing and I thank the Universe for putting me there, because you gave me an incredible message that I needed to hear. […]

Are you grateful for your bills?

Gratitude. Such a powerful energy in our world. You know, the Law of Attraction and all that… what you project you receive. So when you are grateful for what you have you will receive more of the good stuff that you want. Easy, right? But what about having gratitude when you receive an invoice or a bill? Do you open that envelope with your water or electricity bill and say “yes, thank you, I’m so grateful for the service you have been providing me!!”. No? Well here’s my take on that… […]

Feeling the Autumn Blues

So here I was sitting in my office today suffering from the autumn blues (a term I just made up) and I thought I would create a little video for my newsletter list to see if perhaps they were in the same situation as me... feeling, well... just... blah? And you know what [...]

My Facebook Detox

Over January we took off for 10 days of camping with no phone reception or internet. It was so interesting to observe my behaviour during that time in relation to Facebook. […]

Do You Suffer From Wedding Syndrome?

I’ve a great lover of Seth Godin and all he writes. For Christmas, I bought myself a copy of his collectors edition book “What does it sound like when you change your mind”. Whilst flicking through the pages, I came across this gem that I wanted to share with you. […]

How I spent New Years Eve 2016/17

This is the second New Year’s Eve I’ve spent on my own… alone… whilst my husband is off working (he runs pubs and New Years Eve is a busy night). If you’re waiting for the sob story of how I got through the night… stop reading, this blog isn’t for you. The honest truth is, I couldn’t wait for him to leave. I had such a great afternoon and evening planned, I couldn’t wait to get started. […]