Supporting the growth of your natural therapy business

Are you running your own natural therapy business? It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to do and you love providing your service to clients but perhaps you feel a little stuck and not sure what is next?

Do you find that you have some regular clients but you still feel like you’re not moving forward?

Are you sick of attending networking functions where people label you as an ‘airy fairy hobbyist’ and not a real business person?

Or is it that the business world seems to be moving so fast and you’re not really sure where you fit in that?

Then we’d love to work with you and create your new path to success together…

At The Heart Of, we have an online community specifically dedicated to assisting you grow your business. We also offer mentoring programs which are extremely unique and are designed specifically for you. In both these offerings, we combine extensive business knowledge with a spiritual / intuitive side to enhance your business so you can achieve the goals you want to achieve.

We understand energy flows and the benefits to working within these to get things done but also understand the importance of taking time out to just “be” in your business.

And, we can incorporate ThetaHealing to clear your mindset of any limiting beliefs you may have around being a successful business owner or even a resistance to money and/or success.

What keeps you awake at night?

Here are some of the questions that our clients are usually asking themselves. Perhaps you ask these questions too?

  • How am I going to make this business work?
  • How am I going to get more customers?
  • How can I make my business more profitable?
  • How can I get it set up properly?
  • Should I be online and using social media? How?
  • Can I really earn a living from natural therapies when people don’t understand what I do?
  • How can I communicate what I do to “normal” people so they understand and buy from me?
  • How can I set my business up so that I have more time to see clients?

We have the answers…

We understand that running a business is hard work, that you have good days and bad. We understand, because we’ve been there too and that’s what we are all about – assisting you to get the most out of your business that you can by sharing our advice, knowledge and experience.

So if your heart’s desire is to enhance your Natural Therapy business; to make it profitable, professional and successful, then we’d love to walk that journey with you.

Visit our mentoring page and our join the community page to find out more.